2013 Photos

The best assistants...ever!

The best assistants…ever!

shanna winnerlouie winner

Shanna Ailes Istnick and Louie D’Amico took 1st and 2nd overall. I love the fact that my marathon was “chicked” by such an amazing runner.

harlem shake

Harlem Shake warm-up




bostoncannot defeat

Support for Boston



These ladies have fun no matter what they are doing!

dawn winner

Looks like she is dancing! And she took 2nd place female marathoner!

half winners

1st and 2nd place half marathon runners!

great pic!

I love the smiles! Best looking marathon runners…ever!


I think my dad is having the time of his life, surrounded by beautiful ladies!

most spiritedsnow


top and group

2 of my most favoritest people are in this pic

victoryme and molly

Sometimes the world comes full circle, this girl saved me once…

my boys

Proof that good men still exist :)







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